Wednesday, May 7, 2014

God's Plan is Perfect

Lately, I've been thinking back over the past few months of life and thanking God for His goodness.  It seems that He has been reminding me of His perfect timing, His perfect will, and His perfect plan.  I want to share a personal story with you today to just share how God's sovereignty and perfection has been shining in my life. Around last October, it was time to register for spring college classes.  I only had 2 core curriculum classes left and I could not take any upper level courses without completing those first.  So, for the first time in my college life, I would only be considered a "part-time" student because I was only taking 7 hours of credit (and that should not happen again as I can now take my upper classes).  I was happy in a couple ways about this, because I was hoping to get my class schedule on 2 days a week and only have to go to school those 2 days each week.  I was also looking forward to a lesser load for the first time! Well when class schedules were put up, the class I needed was being offered at night. The other class I ended up taking was online.  And the night class was on Monday and Wednesday nights...right during church on Wednesdays.  I was pretty upset about it at first and I was really, really questioning God as to what to do, and how this could be His plan for me to miss some of church on Wednesdays.  (I serve on Wednesday nights too, so not only was I missing church, but I had obligations.)  I struggled with the decision for a little while and ended up registering because I had to have the class.  I was not looking forward to being at school at night and just didn't think it would be good.  When I found out I would not have any day classes, I decided to look for a job.  Now I was praying about several different opportunities and decided to go for the substitute teaching route.  Since I am majoring in Elementary Ed, I thought subbing would be a great answer! But y'all, I am a planner really a planner. I write down EVERYTHING and plan my days.  As a substitute, you can't plan! You get called late at night sometimes, early in the morning, etc.  I have definitely been learning how to rearrange my days! :-) I was also concerned that subbing would not keep me busy enough.  I love to be busy, and wanted a job that was going to be consistent! All of this was uncertain when I got hired as a substitute at 2 different schools! However God in His sovereignty gave me 2 great schools to work at and kept me very busy and worked out my college schedule so that I could sub even on the days that I had class because my class was at night.  He also worked out my schedule at church, and I was able to go straight from class to church and still meet my biggest obligations for the ministry I serve in on Wednesdays! And this has been one of the best semesters yet in college! I have LOVED teaching! God has shown me so much and allowed me to gain experience that I needed! He has allowed me to substitute teach in 3 yr old classrooms all the way to 12th grade classrooms and everywhere in-between! I would have never chosen that schedule for myself, but it was wonderful! In this situation, God allowed me to see His plan very quickly.  A lot of times in life though, we don't see God's plan ever really span out. "Why did God choose to do this in my life?" is a question that we ask so often.  You may not see the end result yet, but be hopeful! It is coming! Remember He is Sovereign! His timing, His plan is perfect! I know my situation was very small and it shows how deeply God cares about the small things in life. If He cares that much about little things, remember how much He cares about all things! He's got the whole puzzle put together while you only have a piece!
Jeremiah 29:11-"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end."

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