Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hand in Hand

Hello friends,
Do you ever want to feel like a Kindergarten kid again that gets their hand held everywhere they go? Maybe you feel that life was so much easier those days, when you were totally dependent on your parents/guardians. It's so easy as a child to just trust and believe you'll be fine if your parents tell you that, but what happens as we turn into adults? We simply grow out of dependence on our parents and start living on our own for the most part.  The world pushes and encourages so many people as they get older to be independent...follow your own dreams! It's not wrong to be independent (in fact, it's good in many ways); however, it does become wrong when we become independent of God.  You know that you must have child-like faith to just totally believe and trust that what God tells us in His word is total truth.  You must believe you are sinner and believe that Jesus is your Saviour from sin, and believe that you need Jesus! I mean that all takes faith! Children so often have more faith than adults! Why is this?! Isaiah 41:13 reminds me to trust God with child-like faith, it says, "For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee." If you want your hand held throughout your life and you wish that your hand could be held some days...this verse should be extremely encouraging to you! God is holding your hand if your allowing Him to! How do you allow Him? By trusting Him and opening your hand to surrender to His hand. Can you picture this verse....God is standing right beside you holding your hand and your walking along with Him and every single step, He is whispering in your ear, "Fear not; I will help you." How many times do we allow the world to hold our hand? Start inviting Jesus to hold your hand and guide you. Be totally dependent on God...He is your Heavenly Father! And on those days you want your hand held...know that it is being held :-)

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