Friday, November 8, 2013

God's love

Hi all!
Hope you're enjoying a fabulous fall day!
I'd just like to share something with you that God has recently shared with me! :) I have a picture with this quote and you can see it above, but here is the quote, "Always remember when you look at someone else, that God loves them just as much as He loves you.  It will help you look at the other person through God's eyes of love instead of your eyes of judgment." I think we all too often look at someone and judge them, think badly about them, or just decide we don't like them.  We need to be looking at them with God's love instead of our own.  If we try to love someone with our love, we will find ourselves falling short so many times.  It's easy to love someone when you get along with them and like them a lot. It's not so easy to love when you disagree with someone.  When you choose to love through God's eyes, you are choosing to see the person as God sees them.  You must allow God's love to permeate you and flow out of you.  Pray and ask God to fill you with His love so that you spill out to the world. Stop and pray something simple in a moment of haste, anger, or disagreement.  You could simply ask God to help you.  "Please help me, Jesus", is a great prayer of response to situations and it will help you refocus your mind on Him.  Begin seeing people through eyes of grace instead eyes of judgment. 

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