Monday, April 9, 2012

Psalm 3:8

Hello Everyone!
Hope you are all having a fabulous week!!!
Would like to apologize for the color of the last post...I just clicked on a color and did not check to see what it looked like on my blog.  It was brought to my attention that it was unreadable because of the color of the text!! I have changed the color so go back and check it out!

An encouraging word for today..... Love the LORD with everything you have! Be thankful in everything and remember that the LORD is in control of your life! HE loves us!! A verse that I love is Psalm 3:8- "Salvation belongeth unto the LORD: thy blessing is upon thy people. Selah." 
This verse reminds us that salvation comes from the LORD alone.  We cannot be freed from this world or sin unless we accept the LORD's free gift of salvation.  It is an easy gift to recieve--all we have to do is admit that we have sinned, believe that JESUS died on the cross and rose again and ask the LORD to come into our heart and save us!! Salvation lasts forever...once you have accepted CHRIST!!! The blessing of salvation is given to the people who believe and ask the LORD into their life.  And then the end of the verse says Selah...which means that we need to stop and think about what the verse really means.  Think about how special it is that the CREATOR of the world loves you and I enough to send HIS only SON to die for us!! How amazing!!!

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